‚ÄčRestoration Works, Inc.

The premier company nationwide for historic Window, Door, and Architectural Element restoration and preservation

Steel Window Restoration

Our thorough steel window restoration program includes disassembly; old coating and rust removal on all surfaces using high-tech blast stripping equipment; welding and fabrication repair; metal epoxy restoration; grinding and sanding smooth; the glass is glazed with either putty glazing, silicone glazing sealant, or steel glazing stops; new high performance priming with rust prevention; and finish paints or powder coating. All steps of our restoration processes emphasize environmentally friendly practices, and reusing or recycling all materials.

Coating Applications-Painting and Staining

Our spray paint booths and equipment allow our craftsmen to produce high-end factory finishes. We can also hand paint if brush strokes are desired.  We can use any paint systems that are specified to us, or our standard high-performance paints and stains. We can match any stain sample provided to us in are own stain mixing laboratory or do paint matching through our partners. Faux finishes are also available.

Green Paint Removal

Our non-chemical paint stripping process involves the use of different light waves at different distances, durations, and intensities.  We can provide just paint stripping for elements for your projects as well as our other services.  We are proud to add our new green industrial stripping station to our extensive green practice list.

For steel window stripping, our two blast cabinets remove old coatings and rust.  Next, the blast media goes through a separation process where it is recycled and the old coatings can be collected for proper disposal.  

All paint shavings are collected in proper containers and are removed by a licensed hauler.

Furniture Restoration

We can restore any wood or steel furniture piece that can be brought to our facility.  This includes institutional furniture, pews, tables, chairs, and the like.  We will use the same green restoration process and methods we provide for all our other services.  This includes finishes and structural strengthening.

All Glass Types

We provide any and all appropriate glazing options for your historic windows.  We can retain the existing glass, and provide either traditional  putty glazing, or a custom milled wood glazing stop that mocks the old putty line.  We also provide Low E Coated Glass, Insulating Glass Units, Gas Filled Insulating Glass Units, Safety Glazing, and Blast Resistant Laminated Glass options.  Whatever the application, Restoration Works, Inc. maintains the original shadow lines on the exterior for meeting visual historic requirements.  All of our multilite sash applications are true divided lite.  

Architectural Element Restoration

We can restore any wood or steel architectural element that can be brought to our facility.  This includes pillars, crown molding, baseboards, other trim, bas reliefs, and other decorative pieces.  We use the same green restoration processes for architectural elements as we do doors and windows.

Historic Window Restoration

Our comprehensive window restoration program involves many steps.  Our process includes stripping to bare wood using our award winning chemical-free stripping method; consolidation of the joinery; dutchmans and/or custom milling missing pieces; three rounds of epoxy restoration (structural, aesthetic, and fine line); tool sanding and hand sanding; routing for conversion to insulating glass; traditional putty glazing, or custom wood glass stops that mimic the putty line; restoring original glass, installing new single glass, or providing IG conversions; factory finish paint and staining services; full hardware restoration; high-tech weatherstripping; and custom milled windows if missing.  All steps of our restoration processes emphasize environmentally friendly practices, and reusing or recycling all possible materials.



Historic Door Restoration

Our door restoration services include the same physical processes of our window restoration, with the addition of standard tempered, safety, or blast resistant glazing.  Like window restoration, all of our door restoration processes emphasize environmentally friendly practices and recycling when possible.