Restoration Works Inc.

Is Proud to Announce Our

Green Restoration Techniques

The #1 Window Restoration Company in America for 

Pursuing Green Practices 

Our Green Restoration Practices Include:

  • A new high-tech, non-chemical stripping station for wood stripping equipped with a state-of-the-art HEPA air scrubber
  • Two high-tech blast cabinets that recycle blast media for steel windows and hardware restoration
  • A milling area that collects sawdust and shavings, and recycles these by-products to farmers
  • An epoxy and sanding area that uses the Festool Clean Tech Tool System for 99% dust extraction
  • A sanding booth with downdraft air flow technology
  • A special glass dumpster that all replaced glass is recycled in
  • A masking area that uses recycled paper to prepare windows for painting
  • A spray paint booth properly equipped to meet environmental standards and low VOC paints
  • Energy efficient shop lighting including bulbs, ballasts, and reflectors
  • All recyclable materials are recycled, from old metal weatherstripping, to old storm windows, to papers from our offices
  • All trash is separated and recycled
  • All asbestos and lead based paint is properly handled and disposed of by a licensed hauler

Our Green Practices


Restoration Facility

30,000 Square Feet

Restoration Works, Inc.

The premier company nationwide for historic Window, Door, and Architectural Element restoration and preservation

Restoration Works Inc. maintains a spacious "State of the Art" restoration facility set up to easily handle large scale projects as well as smaller projects.  Our labeling, tracking, and organizational skills allow us to control projects and deliver them on time.  The work flows from station to station, which are all set up with appropriate equipment for historic work, implementing the latest cutting edge technology where possible.  We have excellent craftspeople, eight of whom have been with us for over 16 years, six over 10 years, and some newer skilled people.

Our restoration process maximizes the life of the window or door we are working on.  Each item is assessed at each stage for weaknesses or flaws.  Our restoration process gives the window or door everything it needs to bring it back to its original condition and then some.  We use high performance paints, sealants, glass, weatherstripping, and glazing materials.  There is nothing but quality that goes into our restored windows.

In addition, our restoration process incorporates many Green practices.  We believe in not only saving historic materials, but also, in our own small way, saving the environment as much as possible.